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The Jefferies Family History Documentary Photography Session – March 2017 – Anchorage, Alaska {Bright Poppies Photography}

Jefferies Family History Documentary Photography Session

Thank you so much to the Jefferies Family for allowing me the honor of photographing your family last month! Carlene, who owns The Mom Store in Anchorage, Alaska, told me that she didn’t want posed pictures but rather pictures that capture where her, her husband Alex, son Golden and their four dogs, are at in life. Maverick, one of their dogs followed them everywhere and ended up being in quite a few of the pictures. Carlene said it was perfect because that is how it is everyday!

I can’t get over how much clients always tell me that these pictures mean so much because it grabs hold of the essence of everyday life. Recently I had a client tell me that they watched their slideshow from a few years ago and her almost 5 year old son started crying! How sweet is that?

Children grow so fast from one year to the next – you don’t even realize the changes that take place because your are in the middle of the next load of dishes, or the next load of laundry, or the next fill in the blank! It is crazy how much life zooms by!

Below are just a few pictures I delivered to the Jefferies Family!

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