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A Chance for a Free Session- A Day in the Life…

Introducing “A Day in the Life Session”!

I am so excited to announce that Bright Poppies Photography will be offering a new type of photo session in 2015!

It is called a “A Day in the Life of…” and it is a documentary style session in which I take pictures of everyday life at your home in an artistic manner.  The goal is to create a time capsule of the way your family’s life is now… kids are only kids for so long!

This is your chance to have those little moments that happen everyday captured!

The little nuances of everyday life change rapidly so it is nice to have photos to look back upon- and if you are the one always taking the pictures this is an opportunity to be in the photos!  I think this is especially important for your children- when they are bigger they want to know what you looked like when they were young!

So how does it work?

  • This session will start with me sending you a questionnaire about your life as it is now.  This will give me a little insight into your family which will make my documentation richer and more personally tailored to you.
  • I will then come over and hang out with your family for a morning, afternoon or evening.
    • If you go somewhere other than your home I can tag along i.e. swim lessons, to the zoo etc.  Really the session is customizable to what you want!
    • I will take photos of your family and the different dynamics i.e. father and children interacting, mother and children interacting, siblings interacting etc.
    • These are not photos where everyone is looking at the camera although there will be some of those.

What about clothing?

This is a documentary session so there is no need to dress all fancy or in coordinated outfits but if you want to look a little nicer and feel more confident by doing your makeup or wearing clean clothes etc. 🙂 that is perfectly fine too!  I want you to be comfortable.

What about a messy house?

Once again it is a documentary session so you don’t need to do major cleaning, however if you would feel better if you had things a little picked up (I’m talking to you dirty socks!) that is fine too.  Once again I want you to be comfortable!

So where does the “free” come in?

Because this is a new type of session I am in the “portfolio building” stage!  Which means I need a few willing families to allow me to document their story with the understanding that I am still learning some of the ropes!

  •  Not only will the session be free but I will give you a printed story book with beautifully edited documentary portraits of your family life and I will also give you a personal photo app for your phone and tablet.

So how do you sign up?

Glad you asked! I am looking for two families- if you are interested in this type of a session then I ask that you fill out a questionnaire before January 8!  I will then select the two families based on the responses given.  You can find the link to the survey at the bottom or this post.

Is there anything else you should know?

You do have to be willing to sign a model release so I can use the session photos for promotional material including printed materials and on my blog and website.

I know some are uncomfortable with their info being shared online and I will not share any personal information such as names etc.

What if you don’t get selected this time?

Because I am portfolio building I will still be offering some discounted rates on this type of session but this is the only time it will be completely free!

Have questions?

Don’t hesitate to ask me- just send me an email via the contact page! Or leave a comment below!

You aren’t interested but know someone who would be?

Please don’t hesitate to share this post on Facebook or with someone who would be interested in this style of a photo session!

Want some examples?

These are some pictures taken of my children baking Christmas cookies with their Great Aunt and Uncle.

Christmas-Family-Documentary-09Christmas Cookie Baking!

Christmas-Family-Documentary-04Arranging some chocolate sprinkles!


Reaching for the sprinkles!

Christmas-Family-Documentary-07What’s happening up there?


Ready to have a free session?

Awesome! Just click here and tell me why! Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


T. 907.440.6123


E. info@brightpoppies.com