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Interested in a Day in the Life Documentary Photo Session?

Day in the Life Photos SessionsKilheffer-DayintheLifeSession-Feb-2015-054

Here at Bright Poppies Photography I am doing a new type of photo session called “Day in the Life”.  They are a documentary style of session where I come and hang out with you for a morning, an afternoon or an evening and capture the honest, authentic moments of your life in an artistic manner!

No posing and completely relaxed!

These sessions do not include posing, there is not dressing in matching clothes, there is not any stress about whether your kids are going to behave… instead there is just me and my cameras hanging out with you and documenting your life!

These are an opportunity for me to capture the little moments that happen everyday between you and your child(ren), between you and your spouse, between brothers and sisters…  the moments that cruise by us so quickly and the next thing we know our kids are grown up!  The only thing we will have to revisit those times is pictures!

House too dirty?

Don’t worry or stress about this!  Beautiful pictures can still be made amidst the chaos!

Still interested?

Recently, I did three Day in the Life Sessions and you can check out a collection of the photos here and here and here.

Kelly, one of the moms in these photos said,

“We were literally fighting tears the entire slideshow because it is so special to see everyday moments.  I told Fred it feels like I am constantly trying to describe my day or tell people what it’s like with three small kiddos at home.  With your photos it not only validated everything I do as a mom, but captured those perfect moments that will now be a memory I can see forever.  I just love it!”

Carolyn, the other mom said,

“We were lucky enough to have Karen Lewis spend 5 hours with us, photographing our family. I am sooooo happy with the results – it’s like a little snapshot of our weekend life. I love our formal pictures with other photographers too, but feel like this really captures our family, especially the kids. And her photography skills are amazing too.”

Contact me today to get your session booked!

If you are interested in having your own Day in the Life Session please contact me today!

Currently I am in a portfolio building stage for these types of sessions.  This means every few that I do the session fee will go up until I reach the full session fee which will be no less then $700!  The session fee is $750.

The session fee includes:

  • a pre-session consultation
  • a 4-6 hour session
  • an in-person viewing and ordering session
  • A $250 product credit towards a storybook or album

Custom hand-painted frames, gallery wraps, prints and archival albums are just some of the other items available for purchase.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me by clicking here!



T. 907.440.6123


E. info@brightpoppies.com